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Optometry has evolved over the last couple of decades from just getting your glasses updated to being your eyecare physician and evaluating ocular health and visual well-being.
What is a comprehensive eye exam?
Prior to seeing the optometrist, a health technician will do a few screening tests for the doctor. These tests include screening for astigmatism and peripheral vision, using an auto-refractor to get an estimate of your glasses prescription, measuring your blood pressure, and, if indicated, a retinal photo.

Your optometrist checks your eyes for not only their visual potential, but overall health, as well as visual efficiency. After determining the vision with and without a prescription for glasses, your eye doctor will determin the state of the front portion of the eye (eyelids, eyelashes, cornea, and conjunctiva), as well as the back of the eye (retina, optic nerve, macula, blood vessels, and choroid). As one might go to their primary care doctor for an annual physical, it is important to have a yearly eye exam to ensure the prevention or progression of ocular diseases. Systemic diseases including diabetes, high blood pressure, and even certain brain tumors and cancers may be caught early through an eye exam. Most of these conditions are observed through a dilated eye exam. Dilation is also important for patients who are near-sighted, who have a higher risk for thinning of the retina, and consequently, holes, breaks, tears, and retinal detachment.Dilation consists of the doctor instilling a drop to enlarge the pupils to allow a more extensive and detailed view of the retina. The most common side effects of dilation are blurred near vision and light-sensitivity for 4-6 hours.

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