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Pre-Optometry internship

The internship position at Eyecon Optometry is a unique position that will give you an excellent learning experience in a full scope medical optometry private practice. Optometry has evolved beyond the typical glasses and contact lens modality that most people know of. We are primary eye care physicians who can diagnose and manage ocular diseases such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, retinal disease, vision rehabilitation etc.  Another passion of mine is specialty is contact lens fitting and treating cornea disease.  We help enhance vision for those with cornea diseases such as keratoconus by using specialty contact lenses. Our clinic is proud to be one of the few practices that provide myopia control management for pediatric patients. Our greatest passion is to preserve private practice optometry. By enrolling in our internship program, you will join an elite group of pre-optometry students with bountiful resources about the profession of Optometry. I am honored to be in a position to inspire future Optometrist. I whole heartedly believe this is one of the best and most fulfilling medical profession. 


 1. About the Eyecon Pre-Optometry Internship Program

  •  Understand the importance of private practice optometry
  •  Observe the role of optometrist as primary eye care physicians
  •  Provide lifelong mentorship to future doctors
  •  Improve communication skills with patients and team members
  • Learn skills to jumpstart optometric learning

 2. Requirements

  •  6 -12 months commitment, average 12-15  hours a week
  •  College student, Pre-optometry focus preferred
  •  Motivated, friendly, willing to learn

 3 . Program Experience - our goal is to provide a hand-on learning experience. We want you to have the opportunity to interact with and participate in the care of our patients

  •  Pretesting patients
  •  Performing Case history
  • Scribing for doctors

 4. Preparing for Optometry School 

  •  You will get a mock interview with all the doctors at Eyecon Optometry  
  •   A letter of recommendation upon completion of your internship. 
  •    Our goal is to help you get admitted to Optometry school and have a great learning experience.

 5. Option to apply for a part-time position, also available at the end of your internship.


  In between graduating from undergrad and starting my first year of optometry school, I had the pleasure of interning at Dr. Ha’s private practice, Eyecon Optometry. My experience here was very positive, and I learned a great deal about the field of optometry and what it takes to run a successful private practice. As an intern, I was trained by Dr. Ha and the rest of the staff on how to greet and sign in patients when they arrived and I was taught how to perform pre-testing on the patients. This consisted of taking patient’s blood pressures and using instruments such as an autorefractor, Topcon to take fundus photos, and more. In addition to learning how to perform these tests, I was taught the significance of them and how it relates to patient care. I also was tasked with scheduling, confirming patient appointments, and I was exposed to different types of vision and medical insurances. I would often shadow Dr. Ha as well and was able to see full exams from beginning to end. Eyecon Optometry heavily focuses on dry eye and myopia control so it was very useful getting exposure to these areas prior to entering SUNY since it is so prevalent. I was able to observe and learn about punctal plugs and other dry eye treatments. I also learned quite a deal about orthokeratology, and it was here that my passion for advanced corneal diseases and contact lenses came about. In addition to gaining a great deal of knowledge about optometry, I was also exposed to the optician side of running a practice. It was very beneficial to shadow the opticians and see what went into patient care after the exam was completed. 

   On a personal note, Dr. Ha was extremely supportive for me in the process of applying to optometry schools. She helped me prepare for interviews and I felt more confident knowing I had such a great experience interning at the type of practice that I hope to one day start. Her practice is very successful and well-run, with all the staff and interns feeling right at home and being able to convey that to patients. Upon entering SUNY, I was so grateful for my time at Eyecon because I had prior knowledge to how pre-testing is conducted, what some ocular diseases were, what a full comprehensive exam entails, and knowledge of dry eye and myopia control. This was able to serve me well in my Optics, Ocular Disease, and Clinical Optometry courses. In addition, since I interacted a great deal with patients, I was already comfortable working with patients when shadowing and scribing at SUNY. Even after completing Dr. Ha’s internship, she continues to be a mentor for me and supports me by regularly checking in on how I am doing at SUNY. This experience was truly so valuable for my optometric career, and I am so grateful that I was able to intern at Eyecon Optometry.


-Melody K.

SUNY class of 2021, Future Optometrist

  I come from a traditional Mexican family, being the middle child of three. At a young age, my parents instilled in me that higher education would give me more opportunities. My parents' strong work ethic inspired me to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Biology from California State University, Northridge; while also being the first person in my family to pursue higher education in the medical field. The opportunity of becoming a doctor in the near-future has shown my family and me that with hard work and determination, anything is possible. As a bilingual Latina who speaks English and Spanish, I am one step closer to reaching my ultimate goal of overcoming the language barrier found within communities, such as mine, that do not have access to Optometrists who speak Spanish. My interest in Optometry actually stemmed from my personal experiences with language barriers in the healthcare field. I realized that optometrists have the ability to instantaneously make an impact on patients and I was inspired to learn more about the field; which is why I applied for an internship position at Eyecon Optometry my sophomore year in college.  

   I still remember walking into Eyecon Optometry on my first day with excitement. One day during my training, Dr. Ha asked me to continue the pre-test because she knew I was capable and trusted me. While pre-testing Spanish-speaking patients, I took my time to explain each machine the way that Dr. Ha did, making sure that they felt comfortable. One of them once told me something that I would never forget; “You are so calm and the way you explain the machines made me feel like everything is going to be okay.” Comments like these drive me to reach my goal of becoming an optometrist. Sometimes a vision appointment can be a little intense due to all the exams that need to be performed, but after interning for Dr. Ha, I have learned that explaining the information in a way that is easily understandable makes everything less stressful.

   Being an intern at Eyecon Optometry under the guidance of Dr. Ha was one of the best experiences I had during my journey to applying to optometry school. It definitely helped further my interest in contact lenses as well as helping me understand the high standards that were to be expected in the field. This experience motivated me, even more, to learn as much as I could about the field as well as work even harder in school. Through Dr. Ha, I learned that compassion was not only an important value in the healthcare field but also in any situation that life throws us in. Wearing glasses and contact lenses made a big difference in my daily life and she made sure every patient left equally satisfied with their glasses as I was. Without this opportunity, I wouldn’t have known that I was more of a people person that enjoyed conversing with patients as well as getting to know them. While I was applying to schools, Dr. Ha has always been by my side for help and guidance every step of the way. Dr. Ha is not only a mentor but a friend that I can count on as I venture into this new chapter of my life. I am forever thankful to have had this opportunity to intern at Eyecon Optometry.


-Cindy D.

Class of 2024

  Hello! My name is Tenie Avanessian and I am a third-year optometry student at Western University of Health Sciences, College of Optometry. My interest in optometry began during my undergraduate education where I spent my free time searching for unique experiences in different fields of healthcare. It was my third year in college when I came across the incredible opportunity to intern at Eyecon Optometry. During my internship, I was fortunate to not only learn the many aspects of managing a private practice, but also shadow the expert optometrists dedicated to providing friendly patient encounters and comprehensive eyecare, leaving me inspired to pursue a career in optometry. My time at Eyecon Optometry was a true advantage for my personal and clinical experience prior to optometry school as I was fortunate enough to learn in a setting equipped with advanced technology contributing to full scope eyecare as well as skillful staff and doctors who truly took time to listen, explain, and teach.


-Tenie A.

Class of 2022

  My experience as an intern at Eyecon Optometry solidified my interest in the field of optometry. Starting on my very first day, I was trained how to use the pre-testing equipment in the office. This impressive array of equipment includes autorefraction, Medmont corneal topography, retinal imaging, optical coherence tomography (OCT), and pachymetry, among many others. Following intensive training with office staff, I was amazed that I was able to independently and confidently pre-test patients within a matter of weeks. Throughout my internship, I appreciated how I was continuously taught how to use additional equipment and conduct further testing of patients.

   As an intern, you will not be merely shadowing - you will be getting hands-on exposure to the field each day. There are high expectations, but it is clear that these expectations are designed to help you constantly improve your skills and abilities. Each day, you work alongside a great team of staff and optometrists who are there to support you every step of the way. From discussing interesting patient cases to conducting mock interviews to prepare you for optometry school applications, Dr. Ha and Dr. Cheng are very helpful in your pre-optometry process.

   Following the completion of my internship, I realized how fortunate I was to have been exposed to such a broad scope of practice, which includes specialty contact lenses, myopia control, ocular disease, dry eye treatments, and eye care emergencies. I have no doubt that I would not be where I am today if I had not interned at Eyecon Optometry. If you are considering a career in optometry, I am confident that this is the best place in the area for you to be. I look forward to attending optometry school knowing that I have a solid understanding of the profession and supportive connections within the field.


-Adam R.

University of Houston Optometry, Class of 2025

  Eyecon Optometry has been my home for two years. This office has not only been a place for me to learn more about optometry, but also a place where I’ve formed many meaningful relationships with the doctors and staff members. My interests in optometry began during my undergraduate neuroscience classes where I had learned about the visual system. I had no experience in this field and struggled to find any opportunity to get myself started. But being new to optometry did not stop Dr. Ha from giving me a chance at interning at Eyecon. As an intern, I learned how to provide excellent patient care and also learned practical skills such as taking corneal topography scans or assisting in vision therapy sessions.

  Once I had completed my internship, I was given the opportunity to work full-time as an Optometric Technician furthering my understanding of running a private practice. The foundation built for me during my own internship has allowed me to take on more responsibilities and expand my role from a pretester to an optician and internship coordinator. During my time at Eyecon, I knew I wanted to continue Dr. Ha’s vision of inspiring other undergraduates to pursue optometry. Working closely with her, I have designed a curriculum for new interns to learn and grow excited about the field. I am positive that this internship will prepare all interns for optometry school just as it has done for me.

  One of my favorite aspects of working at the office is the meaningful relationships I have made with Dr. Ha, Dr. Cheng, and Dr. Chen. All three doctors have been extremely open to reviewing interesting patient cases within their specialities. In addition, they have all been helpful in providing me with advice during the optometry school application process. These are relationships that I know I can lean on once I begin optometry school.

  There is no other program that compares to the internship and work experience I have received at Eyecon. The doctors and staff members empower interns to achieve their goals and set them up for success in optometry school and beyond. I am extremely grateful to have had this experience and I am reassured that my time at Eyecon has prepared me well for my future.


-Russell Chin.

SUNY Class of 2026

  During my undergrad, I had developed a keen interest in the field of optometry and the work optometrists do but I had never had any prior experience working within the optometric field. Jumping back and forth from office to office with no luck, I had finally gotten the opportunity to intern at Eyecon Optometry, Dr. Ha’s private clinic. On my first day. I was a bit nervous because I didn't know much about the field or the things I would need to know to perform my best as an intern. Fortunately for me, I was provided a very elaborate and detailed binder that contained information from greeting patients to how to pre-test patients. With the help of the doctors in the office and the rest of the staff, I quickly learned how to pre-test patients using machines such as the autorefractor and corneal topographer, as well as how to take OCT scans, retinal images and corneal pachymetry maps. I learned the importance of checking patients' blood pressures and how blood pressures can be the key to revealing underlying eye conditions

  After 6 months of interning within a private practice, I learned much more about the parameters of running a private practice. Everyday was different, each with its own challenges but with the help of the doctors and staff we were able to accomplish all our tasks and perform excellent eye care for the patients walking through our doors. However, above all this, one of the most important aspects of working at Eyecon was being able to develop meaningful relationships with Dr. Chen, Dr. Ha and the rest of the staff. I remember my first week interning at Eyecon. I was much more reserved and shy because I was in a new and unfamiliar environment. However, everyone treated me with so much kindness and patience and in no time I was able to open up. The kindness I was shown here was truly one of the key aspects of my success as an intern. There was seldom a dull moment in the office.

  Now that I have completed my internship at Eyecon, I can proudly and confidently say that the time I spent here was invaluable and I don’t believe there is another program that offers the same experience as Eyecon. I am highly grateful to Dr. Ha for the opportunity to intern at her office and I plan to use the experience I learned here to be the best in my future endeavors.


-Gabriel Afuwape.


 Before and After my Internship

My interest in Optometry was sparked by my first-hand experience of how clear vision remarkably changed my life for the better, but my hands-on internship at Eyecon is what gave me the confidence to see myself as a future Optometrist.

  Before my internship, I was much more timid, but through countless hours of practice with pre-testing patients, conducting case histories, and answering questions through phone, I would say clear communication and connecting to patients are among my strengths. Once I was able to work up a patient to see the doctor through muscle memory, I really enjoyed making patients feel welcomed and getting to know them. Here I learned how important it is to learn about patients’ jobs and hobbies to fully address their visual needs. New cases and learning about patients’ lives has meant there has never been a dull day, since I was always learning something new. In addition to the life-long learning aspect and continual innovation in vision technology, I believe Optometry is a great fit for me because of how many people you are able to make a significant impact on. I love how fast the day goes when the schedule is full and there is always someone to help, and patients’ gratitude makes the challenges of the job worth it.

  I believe my biggest challenge was learning how to address disgruntled patients. It is difficult for me to feel like someone is let down, but I realized that learning how to diffuse tension and work through conflict is an essential skill of any doctor. I do my best to pay attention and actively listen while I am in the office, and that really helped me learn from the experience of the team. I learned to ask questions to make the patient feel heard and ensure I understood the issue they wanted help with, and then follow up with clear explanations of what we can do and what is not possible. All of the team members at Eyecon have been so gracious as I have been learning and are exemplary examples of how to resolve disputes with respect and efficiency. I learned how it is essential to believe in the quality of your skills and products, and this internship has been such a valuable opportunity to learn the vocabulary of effectively working with people. I believe patience and staying calm are among my strengths, and being put in situations to figure out a solution have made me much more confident in working with patients to resolve issues and help them get the best vision care possible.

  Another lesson I will take with me is how important it is to be intentional with learning from mistakes. It is very important to me to do my best and complete jobs correctly, so it was frustrating at first to make mistakes. However, I learned that I could reach out to my peers to see where I could improve and learn from their experience. For example, I would ask Russell about how he is able to pre-test faster to give the doctor more time, and would apply his advice for my next patients.For example, I would try to ask about their family history and medications in the small periods of downtime when the autorefractor was printing or when I was entering keratometry numbers. In order to take action to improve, I also learned to make lists of the things I tend to forget, and after checking my list before finding the doctor, I remembered to check if a patient’s previous glasses were progressives and to pull up retinal images much more consistently. I know that it will be my responsibility as a doctor to remember all of the details, so committing to processes to improve is something I am confident will help me constantly evolve.

  This internship also illustrated multiple examples of the impact Optometrists are able to make. I knew in theory that Optometry was more than glasses and contacts, but watching first-hand when patients are diagnosed with a risk for glaucoma in their comprehensive exam or finding something peculiar in their retinal image brought to light how crucial Optometrists are in protecting vision. I love how Optometrists are able to care for the community and contribute to preventative healthcare to catch signs of disease before they are irreversible.

  Furthermore, being part of the care team helped me realize just how important glasses and contacts are for children’s success in school, adult’s performance at their jobs, and their overall quality of life. For example, seeing a 10 year old patient who has never worn glasses come in for their first eye exam with a -3.00 prescription on the autorefractor made my heart go out to them, but it was so joyful knowing that we can provide what they need to help them see the world clearly for the first time. I can empathize with patients who feel like their vision is a challenge, and this makes me even more passionate about sharing that there are solutions to their vision-related problems.

  In a similar vein, one example that I really was inspired by was when you saw a middle school aged child who was having compliance issues with wearing his glasses. I remember you said that "he will not be able to get a drivers license" when explaining to his parents how important it is that he wears his glasses consistently, and this really got their attention. Even though the clinic was super busy, you took the time to sit down with the parents and answer their questions, and ensure they understood the severity of the situation.

  In total, I have significantly developed my interpersonal skills through this internship and the countless cases I have witnessed and been a part of has given me a strong conviction to pursue Optometry.


-Zoe Bui.

SCCO Class of 2027

  EI started as an intern at Eyecon Optometry in December 2021. During my six-month internship, I gained tremendous insight into the field of optometry and was able to get real, hands-on experience with patient care. As an intern, I was trained on how to run an autorefractor, OCT scan, and retinal imagining machine and pretest all incoming patients. In addition, I gained knowledge about the special services we provide at Eyecon, such as Ortho-K, Mibflo, medical visits, and contact lenses. Dr. Ha, Dr. Veal, and Dr. Chen were all supportive and eager to share their knowledge throughout my internship. They would often let me sit in for some comprehensive exams and go over some interesting patient cases, such as patients fitted with hard lenses and those with complicated case histories. The knowledge that I learned wasn’t just limited to ocular diseases or refractions but to all the different glasses and contact lenses, optometrists can prescribe to a patient. Each day was different from the others; however, it was a fun and exciting challenge to take upon. After my internship, I was given the opportunity to become an employee at the practice. As an employee, my responsibilities increased and I explored all aspects of running a private practice. Seeing the gratitude and satisfaction of our patients after coming in for an exam solidified my decision to become an optometrist. I got a good glimpse of the average work style of an optometrist as an employee and intern. Personally, one of the most significant benefits I received was the beautiful new friendships and memories I made at the job. I gained coworkers, who are some of my dearest friends, that genuinely cared about my future plans and were willing to help in whatever way they could to assist me in achieving my dreams. Overall, Eyecon Optometry provided a strong foundation for my aspirations of becoming an optometrist.


-Marilyn Manavalan.



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