Pre-Optometry internship

The internship position at Eyecon Optometry is a unique position that will give you an excellent learning experience in a full scope medical optometry private practice. Optometry has evolved beyond the typical glasses and contact lens modality that most people know of. We are primary eye care physicians who can diagnose and manage ocular diseases such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, retinal disease, etc. We treat eye infections with oral/topical antibiotics, the severe dry eye with punctal occlusion and amniotic membrane. Another passion of mine is specialty is contact lens fitting and treating cornea disease.  We help enhance vision for those with cornea diseases such as keratoconus by using specialty contact lenses. Our clinic is proud to be one of the few practices that provide myopia control management for pediatric patients. Our greatest passion is to preserve private practice optometry. By enrolling in our internship program, you will join an elite group of pre-optometry students with bountiful resources about the profession of Optometry. We are doctors of future doctors. 


1. About the Eyecon Pre-Optometry Internship Program

a. Understand the importance of private practice optometry

b. Observe the role of optometrist as primary eye care physicians

c. Provide lifelong mentorship to future doctors

d. Improve communication skills with patients and team members

e. Learn skills to jumpstart optometric learning

2. Requirements

a. 6 -12 months commitment, average 12-15  hours a week

b. College student, Pre-optometry focus preferred

c. Motivated, friendly, willing to learn

3 . Program Experience - our goal is to provide a hand-on learning experience. We want you to have the opportunity to interact with and participate in the care of our patients

a. Pretesting patients

b. Performing Case history

c. Scribing for doctors

4. Preparing for Optometry School 

  a. You will get a mock interview with all the doctors at Eyecon Optometry  

  b. A letter of recommendation upon completion of your internship. 

  c. Our goal is to help you get admitted to Optometry school and have a great learning experience.

5. Option to apply for a part-time position, also available at the end of your internship.

  In between graduating from undergrad and starting my first year of optometry school, I had the pleasure of interning at Dr. Ha’s private practice, Eyecon Optometry. My experience here was very positive, and I learned a great deal about the field of optometry and what it takes to run a successful private practice. As an intern, I was trained by Dr. Ha and the rest of the staff on how to greet and sign in patients when they arrived and I was taught how to perform pre-testing on the patients. This consisted of taking patient’s blood pressures and using instruments such as an autorefractor, Topcon to take fundus photos, and more. In addition to learning how to perform these tests, I was taught the significance of them and how it relates to patient care. I also was tasked with scheduling, confirming patient appointments, and I was exposed to different types of vision and medical insurances. I would often shadow Dr. Ha as well and was able to see full exams from beginning to end. Eyecon Optometry heavily focuses on dry eye and myopia control so it was very useful getting exposure to these areas prior to entering SUNY since it is so prevalent. I was able to observe and learn about punctal plugs and other dry eye treatments. I also learned quite a deal about orthokeratology, and it was here that my passion for advanced corneal diseases and contact lenses came about. In addition to gaining a great deal of knowledge about optometry, I was also exposed to the optician side of running a practice. It was very beneficial to shadow the opticians and see what went into patient care after the exam was completed. 

  On a personal note, Dr. Ha was extremely supportive for me in the process of applying to optometry schools. She helped me prepare for interviews and I felt more confident knowing I had such a great experience interning at the type of practice that I hope to one day start. Her practice is very successful and well-run, with all the staff and interns feeling right at home and being able to convey that to patients. Upon entering SUNY, I was so grateful for my time at Eyecon because I had prior knowledge to how pre-testing is conducted, what some ocular diseases were, what a full comprehensive exam entails, and knowledge of dry eye and myopia control. This was able to serve me well in my Optics, Ocular Disease, and Clinical Optometry courses. In addition, since I interacted a great deal with patients, I was already comfortable working with patients when shadowing and scribing at SUNY. Even after completing Dr. Ha’s internship, she continues to be a mentor for me and supports me by regularly checking in on how I am doing at SUNY. This experience was truly so valuable for my optometric career, and I am so grateful that I was able to intern at Eyecon Optometry.   


-Melody K. 

SUNY class of 2021, Future Optometrist



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