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How To Insert Your Soft Contact Lenses

Wash Your Hands

Ensure that your hands are washed with soap, water and are clean and dried with a lint-free towel.

Check If Lens Is Inside Out

Put the lens at the tip of your finger and hold it up to eye level, check to see if the edges are like a bowl with straight edges then it's correct. If the edges are flared out then it's inside out.

Hold Upper & Lower Lids

Place the contact lens on your index finger of your dominant hand, pull down on the lower eyelid with your middle finger, with the other hand pull the upper eyelid/lashes upward.

Place Onto Your Eye

Slowly move your index finger with the contact toward the eye and place it gently onto the eye. You may do this by looking straight into a mirror or by looking upwards. Draw back your finger and slowly release your eyelid.

How To Remove Your Soft Contact Lenses

Look Up

With clean and dry hands, look up and gently pull your lower eyelid down with you middle finger.


Slowly bring your index finger to your eye and touch the end of the lens and slide the lens down to the lower white part of your eye.


Gently squeeze the lens between your thumb and index finger and remove the contact lens.

Discard Or Clean And Store

Discard your lenses if using daily disposable lenses or if at the end of the replacement schedule. If you are using reusable contact lenses, properly clean and store the lenses with contact lens solution.

How To Clean Your Soft Contact Lenses

Fill Case With Solution

Fill the empty lens chambers with your preferred multi-purpose disinfecting solution.

Rub Your Lenses

Add 2-4 drops of solution and rub each lens for 20 seconds with your finger from the center to the edge in the palm of your hand.

Rinse Lenses

Rinse each side of the lens for 5 seconds with a steady stream of solution.

Soak Lenses Overnight

Place lenses in the case, tighten the lids and soak your lenses overnight or for at least six hours.

Contact Lens Care Tips

Don't Sleep In Your Lenses Overnight

Avoid sleeping in your contact lenses unless otherwise noted by your eye doctor to reduce your chances for a serious eye infection.

Don't Swim or Shower With Your Lenses

Your contacts are like sponges and can soak up the bacteria and fungus that may be in the pool, lake and even in your tap water, increasing your chances for a serious eye infect:on.

Discard Your Lenses On Time

Discard your lenses at the appropriate replacement schedule. Do not try to stretch out the duration of your lenses as that will increase your chances for an eye infection.

Do Not Reuse Contact Lens Solution

Do not reuse old contact lens solution or lop off" your solution. Topping off is when you add fresh solution to the used solution that's already In your lens case It's not a good idea because it dilutes the disinfecting power of your fresh solution, which increases the risk for an eye infection.

Clean Your Case With Solution

Clean your case with your multi-purpose contact lens solution.

Dry Your Contact Lens Case Upside Down

Dry your case and store upside down with the caps off after each use.

Replace Your Case Every 3 Months

Throw away your contact lens cases every 3 months or whenever you open a new pack of solution (whichever comes first).

Always Have A Backup Pair Of Glasses

Have a backup pair of glasses ready just in case you can't wear your lenses (i.e. an eye infection, lost a lens, etc.).

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