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Insertion: Plunger Method

Center Lens Onto Plunger

Set the lens on the center of the plunger.

Fill Lens With Non-Preserved Saline

Fill lens with non-preserved saline solution, forming a convex shape (bubble-like shape).

Tilt Head Down And Insert Lenses Up

Tilt your chin down to your chest, looking straight down, hold open your upper and lower eyelids and then place lens gently onto the center of your eye. Reinsert if any bubbles are present.

Removal: Plunger Method

Wet Plunger

Wet plunger with 1-2 drops of saline.

Gently Remove With Plunger

Gently attach the plunger to the bottom edge of the lens. Tilt up and out and carefully remove from your eye.

Removal: Finger Method

Lift Bottom Edge Of Lens

Pull your lower eyelid down and then up, ensure that the eyelid is under the lower edge of the lens. Push upward too loosen the lens.

Gently Remove Lens

Lift the edge of the lens with your finger to gently remove the lens. You may do this leaning over a towel so as to not lose the lens.

Cleaning Your Scleral Lenses With Clear Care

Wash, Rinse And Dry Hands

Wash, rinse and dry your hands thoroughly.

Rub Lenses With Clear Care & Place In Dome

Gently rub your lenses in the palm of your hand with 2-4 drops of Clear Care solution. Then place your lenses into the basket and rinse your lenses while on the dome for 5 seconds with Clear Care solution.

Fill Up To The Line

Fill the case to the line with Clear Care solution.

Soak Overnight For At Least 6 Hours

Tighten the lid and let your lenses soak for at least 6 hours.

Solutions For Cleaning

Clear Care Hydrogen Peroxide System

Hydrogen Peroxide cleaning & disinfecting solution.
*Preferred method

Boston Simplus

One step cleaning and conditioning system.

Solutions For Insertion

Bausch + Lomb Scleralfil

Non-preserved saline solution

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