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Marilyn Manavalan

I started as an intern at Eyecon Optometry in December 2021. During my six-month internship, I gained tremendous insight into the field of optometry and was able to get real, hands-on experience with patient care. As an intern, I was trained on how to run an autorefractor, OCT scan, and retinal imagining machine and pretest all incoming patients. In addition, I gained knowledge about the special services we provide at Eyecon, such as Ortho-K, Mibflo, medical visits, and contact lenses. Dr. Ha, Dr. Veal, and Dr. Chen were all supportive and eager to share their knowledge throughout my internship. They would often let me sit in for some comprehensive exams and go over some interesting patient cases, such as patients fitted with hard lenses and those with complicated case histories. The knowledge that I learned wasn’t just limited to ocular diseases or refractions but to all the different glasses and contact lenses, optometrists can prescribe to a patient. Each day was different from the others; however, it was a fun and exciting challenge to take upon. After my internship, I was given the opportunity to become an employee at the practice. As an employee, my responsibilities increased and I explored all aspects of running a private practice. Seeing the gratitude and satisfaction of our patients after coming in for an exam solidified my decision to become an optometrist. I got a good glimpse of the average work style of an optometrist as an employee and intern. Personally, one of the most significant benefits I received was the beautiful new friendships and memories I made at the job. I gained coworkers, who are some of my dearest friends, that genuinely cared about my future plans and were willing to help in whatever way they could to assist me in achieving my dreams. Overall, Eyecon Optometry provided a strong foundation for my aspirations of becoming an optometrist.

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